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Offset Software is a first-class software development company in Minneapolis. We are experts in our field and we have collated the very best team of friendly professionals with the passion and drive to get the job done for you on time and on budget.


We ensure whatever we create will have a uniform experience on all platforms and devices.


You’ll never feel like you’re left out in the cold. We will work around the clock to ensure your products are functioning 100% correctly.


Become a long time customer of ours, and earn free credits! (Free hours of work)


Rest assured that your investment is in the safest hands it could possibly be in. We will deliver your dreams.

Check out how we make our software & make yourself at home!

Are you looking for software development solutions that work? Are you seeking methods to make regular tasks streamlined to run more smoothly and to more easily overcome challenges as they arise? Is it time for you to get ahead of your competitors and lead the way?

icon_fully-responsiveFully Responsive

We ensure whatever we create will have a uniform experience on all platforms and devices.


icon_awesome-designAwesome Design

We only employ the best designers to ensure our products are on the very cutting edge of what current technology can offer.


icon_featuresTons of Features

We have designed multiple feature rich products and have delivered on time, and within budget.


icon_polishedPolished End Product

We only deliver work we’re proud to call our own. You will only get the best, most polished, software you can get.

Don’t Believe us? Have a look at our portfolio!

Our portfolio has all the evidence you’ll need to know you’re making the right choice.

What People Say


I had the pleasure, and great fortune of John coming across my failing website and being kind enough to extend his services. Let me say that for someone who was not even planning on being a customer, I felt treated like gold through the process. Very understanding, patient, and while at work very efficient. My website was turned from a failing mess into what is soon to be a booming again recipe page. Everything I requested was done, more was done above what I asked as they adequately felt out what I was after with my site image. I can’t speak highly enough of your customer service or quality of your work, thank you!


Dylan Madigan
Founder of Whey to Bake




This was the second piece of work that Offset Review undertook for me. It came about as he highlighted some issues with the code of the website that would inevitably cause problems further down the line. This was in some ways preemptive and goes some way to discerning why John has been so useful to our business as he was able to pinpoint issues that would cause problems in the future which we would have had to deal with further down the line at a greater cost to our business. Thanks John for your hard work, your commercial attitude and value add approach. We would definitely be interested in working with you again.


Jamie Lewis
Founder of Duality Consulting



We provide our clients with the services of the best software and web developers available on the web. Whatever you need, we create it so that it is

Fully Functional Custom Software Development
System Integration
Custom Application Design
Fully Responsive across an array of platforms including mobile devices
Feature-rich to be placed at the pinnacle of cutting edge trends and technology
Innovative and unique in design
A superior, polished end product upon delivery

Offset Software is amongst the finest software companies in Minneapolis and Minnesota at large. Why choose us for your software development requirements?

Expert, experienced team with specialist skills
Transparency in all our work
Proactive to identify opportunities and increase value delivered
Local service provider, conveniently located in Minneapolis/St. Paul
Competitive pricing structure
Ongoing superior support
Satisfaction guaranteed

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With Offset Software, your satisfaction is our top priority. We not only offer innovative and creative digital solutions but we also provide a superior level of ongoing support to ensure your products are one hundred percent functional, one hundred percent of the time. Even better, when you are a long-term client with us, we reward your loyalty with our unique credit program.

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Contact us at Offset Software today to discuss your software development requirements and to learn how we can be of service to you. We guarantee you will be delighted with our service and know-how.